what else is new?

I don’t know about you guys, but this week is feeling 87 years too long. How is it only Wednesday?! Today’s brain dump, is short and sweet.

– We have a surprise for the babies this weekend, and they are going to be over the top thrilled.
– Zoe is still feeling real sicky-icky, and it’s breaking my heart. She’s at the tail end of tonsillitis and a nasty cough.
– I did all the laundry in the house on Sunday, and yet MORE has accumulated. HOW?!
– Some Fall Festivities should be coming to the blog soon! My work schedule is pretty dang consistent this month.
– I’m still planning on having a Halloween Bash, complete with Boo Baskets for the kiddos this month and will be sharing some more about that soon!

I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the week/weekend. We’re signing off until Monday!


It’s that time again! We’ve got lots to cover, let’s go!

– We’re shifting our mindset into the Q4 mode, and really buckling down on our budget, our finances and our moves.
– There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes things that have been going on, and once I feel like I have a handle on my shit, there’s a nice post coming.
– Guess who S T I L L hasn’t cooked anything… Me. For shame!
– It is officially Fall now, because I start celebrating on September 1st, I feel like it’s now almost Winter. I also still haven’t decorated because – who has the time?
– Officially off this weekend, and I found the most adorable pumpkins to decorate with – to my autumn feels playlist, of course! Maybe along with some autumn infused water or sangria?
– I still have slacked off from reading, and it’s bumming me out. I have a lot of amazing Unlimited reads that I need to crack on, but the drive isn’t there. Isn’t depression fun?
– We have begun making our Christmas plans, which include our yearly trip (hopefully) to Michigan. Dayton has some family he’d like to see, and I know he gets a wee bit homesick occasionally.
– Since starting back to school, Zoe and Deegan have been thriving. Their dad and I have really ironed out our co-parenting schedules, and the kids are reaping the benefits of that. I have a nice post coming up about that too.
– We started our date nights back, and they were M U C H needed. We are still v. much social distancing, so we’ve been cooking at home and having movie nights, but oh man. That connection, that time and the after – you can’t neglect that area.
– Speaking on neglect, my self-care game has flown out the window. My skin is trash, my hair has a few dreads and it’s long overdue for a polish change. There’s another post, haha!
– We’re getting ready to re-do our garden, because Georgia sucks and the sun was too damn hot for anything. We’re also making plans for expanding the garden, as well as getting my little herb area going.
– I’m also already thinking about Thanksgiving, because food. I’m excited to share the menu and other plans with you guys soon!
– On a more somber note, our pastor has covid and is not doing v well. It’s breaking my heart, especially since we haven’t been to church since January. Our congregation is strong, resilient and our faith is immovable. If you have a little extra time, slip a prayer in for our pastor!

That was incredibly long, and therapeutic. I hope you guys are well.

where am i? what day is it?

Holy cow! It’s almost October! I can’t believe how quick this year has finally started moving. Not to rush but, Merry Christmas everyone. Are we in 2021 yet?

Joking aside, it’s been a really chill week, and it’s put me in a great headspace. Let’s get this ball rolling.
– We got a nice taste of Fall and I was living my best life.
– I still haven’t done any cooking and baking from the Fall Cookery Series, because holy shit. Who has the time? I’m excited (for real this time) to pick up some ingredients on our next grocery outing. It’s high time someone around here held me accountable, so it might as well be myself.
– With inventory out of the way, it’s been SO nice at work. There’s no stressors adding to the work day, and I can sit back and work on projects again.
– Speaking of working on projects, I’m rolling some fun stuff around to see if anything sticks. That will be a fun development, for sure!

Despite this being short and sweet, we are coming down off the wildest few weeks imaginable. I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing, and figuring out my space again. I look forward to moving forward into Fall with you guys! Thanks for sticking around.

Falling Into Fall 🍂

While the temps are soaring in the upper-90’s here, it’s not deterring me from pulling out what’s left of my Fall decorations box. What’s left?! Yes friends, my dogs got into the storage building and knocked it down. They thoroughly enjoyed playing with the new, fun toys that came out with it.

One thing I’m very much looking forward to (besides the cooler temps) is the start of our afternoon family walks. It’s sort of tradition that when it cools off, we get outside. We have a fairly big neighborhood, so we hit the pavement and take in the scenery.

Another thing that I’m looking forward to is buying replacement fall decor. Hobby Lobby is my trusty go-to, and with the amazing sales they’ve been having – I might stock back up and then some. I really want to get back to the place I was in my “former life,” and be the fun Pinterest mom.

The third way we are Falling Into Fall is by bringing out all the coziest blankets, throws and sweaters. We keep it nice and frigid in our house, and since we don’t really leave anymore – it’s a win/win. My favorite throw is this burnt orange/rust one from Better Homes and Gardens that’s at least 10 years old. It’s has been through a lot, and it’s only broken down and gotten cozier over time.

Finally, the fourth way we Fall Into Fall is through cooking and baking, no surprise there. We love all the warmth that a good, fulfilling meal brings in these cooler months. I love doing a traditional Sunday dinner – consisting of roast, potatoes, carrots, mac-n-cheese, green beans and some yummy butter rolls. Also up, fun breakfasts that we eat on the weekends I don’t have to work.

I’m looking forward to Falling all the way into Fall this year, because it’s been one hell of a year so far. Over the last few years, I really let myself down decor-wise, and cooking/baking wise. I have missed going all the way out, and having it spook-taciular in here! Look forward to some fun pics here, as well as our Instagram – @aintthatamother!

work updates.

So I mentioned a few times last week that I was looking forward to some news at work, and I anticipated Thursday S O much.

To preface, I applied for a management position of sorts at work. It was a long shot, and I was just grateful to be in a place that I could apply in the first place. I didn’t land the position, but in return it feels like I got something so much greater out of it. I was definitely humbled, and appreciated being given the chance.

I truly work for one of the best companies, and I’m proud to say I work for them. When it really comes down to it, I’ve already been offered amazing opportunities through the company, and I don’t take my place or position lightly. I was so very humbled to receive the feedback I did, and I can’t wait to start applying myself and driving myself that much further.

I also wanted to touch on why this was so important to me. In the past, when I’ve received criticisms, constructive or negative, I would fall into a deep spiral of depression. All the voices would crop up in my head telling me that I wasn’t good enough, and that’s why things didn’t go in my favor. It’s taken a shit-ton of work to get to where I am in life, and now that I’ve experienced my first major setback in years… I’m so incredibly proud of myself. It seems silly and vain, but I used the feedback I received to want to push myself further. I knew that I was lacking in the area they mentioned, and vowed that I would familiarize myself better with the data so that next time, I will be even more confident and prepared.

I’m excited to see what the future holds, and I’m even more excited to start branching out and working with some of our brands, and help create content for our internal learning program. There are so many new, fun and exciting (and scary!!) things coming – I can’t wait to have you join along!


You guys…. this week? Woof.

– Our inventory is tomorrow, along with the news I’ve been waiting for. To say I’m stressed would be an understatement at this point.
– We are OVER halfway through September, but I’m looking forward to October!
– Best news so far? The pumpkin patch is opening on Oct 3. (He asked me what day it was.)
– I’m seriously still debating putting up my Christmas tree. It’s been a long time in the making, and I’m S O dang excited to have my old Christmas tree back.
– We are expected to be hit by the remnants of Hurricane Sally, and I’ve been waiting for this all hurricane season long! We’re currently under a Flash Flood Watch, and I’m giddy.
– Yes, I realize how weird that is!
– We’ve bought exactly Z E R O hurricane snacks, so I’ll be surviving off anxiety and stress and water.

I’ll see you guys back on Friday with some fun stuffs!

The Radium Girls

I read this book earlier in the summer, and it has stuck with me for a while now. I had gotten into historical fiction last year, when I read Upstairs At The White House, and this popped up in my Kindle Unlimited.

This is a book about the women, who at the time, were working with radium at the beginning. Radium poisoning eventually took them, but the fight to get compensated is what stuck with me the longest. The blatant disregard for their lives… it just moved me to tears. I’ve read a lot of books over my life time, but this one was worse than any horror novel I could dream of reading.

There was an entire section where I had to put the book down and step away for a while. It took a long time to read, after reading what these women had to go through. One part spoke on how one of girls went to the dentist because her teeth began falling out and her jaw bone broke under slight pressure. I can’t imagine the horrid pain they had to go through.

As you know, I’m a voracious reader and the fact that this book got it’s own post.. I hold it near and dear to my heart. I urge you to find a copy of this and give it a go. It got me to watch Radioactive because naturally, I have to learn as much as possible about this. Marie Curie’s life is so fascinating as well.

What have you read lately that’s stuck with you?

What’s Up Wednesday

Let’s start this off by me saying I forgot how to spell Wednesday, awesome. We are diving straight into this list today, because I have to stop procrastinating and get ready for work.

– I finally caved and joined TikTok, and let’s just say I have questions.
– Today is my Monday, and WOW I am feeling it.
– This whole not sleeping thing is getting really tiring.
– I managed to make it to the salon yesterday, and I feel like a person again.
– I had a nice 4 day weekend for Labor Day, and spent them cleaning. One of these days, I’ll stop procrastinating and take some pictures.
– Guess who has not cooked a single thing from the Fall Cookery Series menu?! Me. Hi. Expect some things this weekend, though. We’re talking breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.
– I’m sitting around waiting, hoping and praying for some good news. I can not wait to share the details of that with you soon.
– I’m slowly getting the homeschool thing down. Their age gap isn’t looking as fun as it usually does these days.
– We are almost half-way through September and I have feelings about it, and they all center around time slowing waaaayyyy down.

I hope you guys have an amazing and healthy week!

Succulent Box | September

It’s that time again friends! I received my September Succulent Box, and I was very excited! I got a sneaky peek of what we may possibly receive, and I had hoped I got the Fire Storm succulent.

I really love the packaging.
Guess what I got! (Fire Storm.)

I got the Fire Storm!! I was ecstatic! After looking at the September choices, I realized I got the August box, which leaves me feeling v. confused. However, I’m not complaining in the slightest. I’m so excited to watch my little plant babies grow. I have to find some fun tea cups or little planters to move them into soon.

Look at this big boy. (Stricta Green.)

If you’re interested in succulents, I have to recommend this subscription service. I pay $16/mo, including S+H fees for these cuties. It evens out to $5 per succulent and $6 per air plant. If you want to sign up, I have this handy dandy link for you!

Fall Cookery Series

As promised, here is the list of recipes I’d like to try and tackle during the Fall. Because I am me, here is a broken-down-by-category bulleted list.

Beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, more to be added later.)
– Wassail
– Autumn Infused Water
– Autumn Sangria

– Bruschetta
– Baked Cranberry Brie bites
– 7 Layer dip
– Baked Camembert

Soup | Salads
– Strawberry Fields salad (Beatles to accompany, of course)
– Italian Sub salad
– Tuna salad
– Harvest Cobb salad (w/poppy seed dressing)
– Veggie soup
– Thai Peanut Butternut Squash soup
– One Pot Lasagna soup

Main Meals
– Chicken + pastry (a NC favorite of mine)
– Spaghetti Squash pasta
– Hawaiian BBQ pizza
– Stuffed Peppers
– Steak + Ale pie
– Grilled Garlic + Herb Chicken (w/roasted veggies)
– Million Dollar Spaghetti
– Cheesy Chicken + Broccoli + Rice casserole
– Italian Chicken
– Boeuf Bourguignon (but not just any boeuf bourguignon, Julia’s boeuf bourguignon)

– Squash Casserole
– Funeral Potatoes
– Brown Sugar Bacon Sweet Potatoes
– Balsamic Potatoes + Asparagus
– Roasted Brussel Sprouts

– Pear Cake
– Honey Roasted Pears
– Pear Streusel
– Tarte au Citron
– Lemon Bars (credit to u/JustHood)
– Autumn Spiced Cobbler
– Pumpkin Bites
– Sticky Toffee Pudding
– Eton Mess
– White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake
– Tarte au Pomme
– Caramel Apple Bars
– Peppermint Patties
– Homemade Marshmallows
– Double Berry Galette

Random Cookery
– Pickled Jalapeños
– Banana Bread
– Choux Pastry
– Spiced Christmas Jam

I really decided to challenge myself and get outside my comfort cooking zone. I’m so excited to get started cooking, and documenting for you. I told Dayton I needed new hobbies, so I’m going to flex some skills.

Series begins first week of September!