Boy Gifting Ideas

We have 3 boys, aged 11, 9 and 7. Thankfully, they’re all pretty much into the same things and that makes it a tad easier. Last year, D built Lego Tables for the two older Lego geniuses, and they were a smash hit. This year, we’re leaning more towards things that the kids actually need vs. a lot of toys per our usual.

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something you want + something you need + something to wear + something to read

one //  This is a multi-use gift. Not only can they read on it, but they can game, browse and binge Netflix.

two //   Our boys have really gotten into smelling “fresh” all the time, especially during the summer. Trust when I say that you don’t want to walk into a bathroom after one of their showers! It’s A 10 has a line specifically for men – He’s A 10. D has tried this 3-n-1, and really loves it.

three //  Old Navy seriously has the best graphic tees ever. D is getting to the point where his sarcastic little teenage attitude is coming out. What better way than to let him express himself via wardrobe?

four //  Our Lego building boys would love this! Something to keep them building and entertained for hours!

five //  I think every home should have a kid’s library, and these are some really fun books. We already own a majority of them, and they’re easy reading. It’s a quick book to grab when it’s reading time during the summer.



ZJ’s school hosted a STEM event last week. Are your kids taking STEM courses? I think this is such an important class. She has STEM on Friday and looks forward to it all week.


They got to make constellations, paint luminescent rocks. They had glow bowling, a disco dance party and brought out drones. We got there a bit on the late side, due to work but they still managed to have a blast. They even got their photo taken in the blacklight photo booth! As we were leaving, her amazing principal asked if they had gotten to make ice cream (which we hadn’t) so he grabbed them and led them to the ice cream classroom!



I love being active at the school, and it totally warms my heart to put back into her school what the teachers help do. She started a new school this year, and I am very confident and happy where we ended up. I’m happy we’re going to be here for another 4 years!

End of Our Week

We’ve had a crazy end of week here at Ain’t That A Mother.

Since I typically use my days off to catch up on things, I completely forgot about blogging Thursday. D had his very first band concert, and did exceptionally well! It was a lot of fun watching him perform on the same stage that I did as I was growing up. It brought on a lot of parental pride. I learned that ZJ is a hit at our local Waffle House, and all the waitresses just love her to pieces.

I’m having to pull and all day shift today, so blogging will not be occurring as scheduled. We finally completed my video interview and now I’m trying to figure out how to send it in. Then it’s a short one week wait to hear if I’m in! (Repeating to myself to not be nervous!)

We’ll be decorating the house on Saturday and I’ll post some photos of the merriment! See you all back on Monday!

You Know What Day It Is

Brain Dump Day!

  • Last night we went to STEM Night at ZJ’s school. STEM has become her most favorite thing ever, and we were exhausted but happy to be there. They were able to do rock painting, constellation making, a glowing photo booth. It was rad!
  • Speaking of STEM, I bought her Women in Science for Christmas, and can’t wait to see her face.
  • Holy exhaustion Batman! Working on Sunday really threw my entire week off. I’m banking on Saturday so I can catch up on some sleep, and on some chores.
  • D has his band concert tomorrow and I’m v excited for it. Going to see if his hard work is paying off!
  • I spoke earlier about interviewing for a position at my company and it went well. I’m having to record a video to submit as a part of my application, and then I should know something within a week!
  • We’re inching closer to Christmas and I have yet to put our decorations up 😦  I’m going to start digging them out and making the final transition.
  • It blows my mind that we’re in the last little bit of 2018, because this year truly flew by. This year taught me a lot, and it really helped me grow in all the areas that I feel I was struggling in. There’s still a lot of learning left to do, and I’m sure some of this baggage will carry over into 2019, but I’m working through it these days.

Mama + Daddy Christmas Wish List

Quite often as parents, we overlook ourselves to give our kids an amazing Christmas. We don’t need to forget that we need to take some time to holiday cheer ourselves up. Here’s a small list of some mama and daddy items!

Since D and I are really low-key, and we would rather give than receive our lists are super small. His is basically non-existent, mine is this year too. I can normally tell you what I’d like but this year it’s been hard to narrow down.

For the dads!

  • Cards Against Humanity  – You really can’t go wrong with this gift. I bought this for D a couple years ago and it’s always a lot of fun. Be ready to laugh your ass off all night though!
  • Video games – D likes to decompress by gaming, and I fully support this. I like having some alone time 😀  His favorite currently is Path of Exile, but he plays Destiny II, CoD, and our favorite – Gears of War! (On Xbox 1s)
  • Tools – I asked D because I was at a loss for what else to add, and he said tools so…. Tools it is. As a mechanic, he loves getting new tools and I like rearranging his toolbox. It’s a total win/win.
  • Fishing/Camping Gear – We both enjoy fishing, and he enjoys camping. Walmart has some really great options in the Ozark Trail line for quality, inexpensive gift options!

For moms!

  • Massage certificates – because we need some relaxation!
  • A Lush gift card – because relaxation, once again. (I’m sensing a theme here.) I adore Lush, and the fact they are 100% vegan. My absolute favorite Christmas items are the So White shower gel and Holly Golightly bath bomb. ZJ’s favorite is Snow Fairy anything.
  • A Dyson cordless vacuum – I am in need of a good vacuum and have heard nothing but amazing things from Dyson. After using a Dyson blow dryer, I’m sold on the brand. With all of the pet hair, crumbs and sand we accumulate, I need something better than a broom!
  • Books – Amazon is my trusty go-to. I received a Kindle Fire a few years ago for Christmas and it’s usually always within my vicinity. A good gift for a book lover in your life would be a Kindle Unlimited subscription. $9.99 a month for thousands of titles! It’s a book lovers dream! I’m currently using the Prime Reading Library, where they offer a few books a month to read for free and I’m reading Magnolia Story.

Let me know what’s your favorite mom/dad gift!


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Happy Christmas Season!


I am so excited!

We’re wrapping up our favorite time of the year! I just wish that we could have all 5 home for Christmas this year, but believe that next year is going to be amazing. As I mentioned previously, we have some exciting Christmas plans this year I can’t wait to watch for them to unfold.

First things first! 24 Days of Blog-mas! I’m going to participate this year and hopefully have something for you guys every Monday-Friday from now until Christmas Eve! I’m bringing out all the festiveness I can get away with 😉

Until then, what would you like to see featured?

Happy Birthday Z!

I seriously can not believe how fast the past 7 years have flown by. Today marked Z’s birthday! An entire 7 years old, with all the sass of a 16 year old.


My little Sag. baby. She was 8lbs. 6oz. when she was born, and 19 1/2″ long. She DID NOT fit into several of the newborn outfits I brought, and we had to buy 0-3 month clothing. She was a stubborn thing, quite cushy where she was. I went into labor around 6am, and she was born around 1:30pm. She came out starving, and immediately drank one of those baby bottles they give you. Like, the entire thing and then wanted more.


She’s grown up to be very bright, exceptionally smart in various areas, helpful, thoughtful, and kind. She is very independent, and has the best comebacks from any kid ever. She likes to explore, prefers being outside to inside. She’s very artistic, and loves to sing. Her goal in life is to be on The Voice. Her favorite colors are all of them. Her current favorite song is, “Give Me One Reason.” She’s seriously one of the most incredible kids I’ve ever known, and I’m lucky to be able to call her mine.

We’re celebrating by taking her to ‘Hog Heaven’ and making a cake. Opening some presents and setting up for Christmas. A very low-key birthday, but she is always so incredibly thankful. So… to my last baby, Happy Birthday Princess!